Divorce Proofing the Family and Closely Held Business

Family and Closely Held Business

While divorce is often seen as a personal matter, when a family business is involved, divorce suddenly becomes everyone’s business. Divorce can affect a family business in a number of ways – financial, legal, emotional, long and short-term goals, succession, and more. In an effort to prevent a dilution of the family business, you might consider divorce proofing the family business. It’s almost impossible to guarantee that divorce won’t be detrimental to the Family Business, there are steps that can be taken to try to safeguard the business in an effort to minimize the impact. Specific legal agreements can be set up to protect future generations who will reap the rewards and benefits of the Family Business as well while divorce proofing to protect the golden goose. If not properly planned, the impact of divorce can be a harsh reality on the Family Business.  Of all the disputes a family might encounter, divorce can be the most destructive. What does all this mean? Tune in to these informative webinars to learn many of the issues and agreements to consider.

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Deborah Moskovitch

This blog post was written by Deborah Moskovitch the author of "The Smart Divorce", the catalyst for this website. This evergreen book covers how to manage the divorce process for a less painful result.

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