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From Break-up to Breakthrough – get your power backDivorce – Thrive through this transition!

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Breakups and Divorces are some of the most traumatic, stressful, expensive, heartbreaking, and confidence-breaking events you might go through. But they don’t have to be.

Whether your break up leads to your break down or your break through two things are guaranteed:

1)   You are absolutely not the same after; and

2)   Only you choose whether you break down or break through

In America 50% of marriages end in divorce, 60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce and 73% of 3rd marriages end in divorce.

Here is what this tells me and this is important: You are the constant. You are the determining factor.

It doesn’t matter who you date or marry next if you are experiencing a break up or a divorce you need to do some work on you.

If you look within, do the work and use this opportunity to reset and renew you will decrease the likelihood that you will be just another statistic. You will be free from the chaotic patterns of failed relationships and free to experience and endure a life of truth, true love and healthy relationships that not only last but flourish.

Break ups and Divorce are rough for everyone both the dumper and the dumpee experience the grief, pain and change this transition offers all at their own pace and divine timing.

 During any break up we all experience times where:

·      We stop trusting ourselves

·      We lose connection with our inner power/goddess

·      You don’t know what to do next

·      You dwell on the past – was it all a huge mistake?

·      You lose all clarity and you can’t see the bright light of the future through the darkness of right now!

 Here’s the thing- this is important…

Break-up and divorce don’t have to be messy horrifying and scaring experiences. If you can’t avoid getting a divorce or breaking up, then keep reading…

 There’s a better way, and I’m about to share with you how to find out more!

I want to tell you about an event I’m being featured on;

Introducing: From Break-up to Break through, Proven Divorce Strategies to Renew Self Love,

Rebuild Confidence and Live a Happy Fulfilled Life!

This FREE online speaker series begins March 16th!

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My friend and colleague, Sarah Ouellette, has organized this amazing event to teach you how to change your perception and story about breakup, divorce, AND re-write your future so it shines bright.

Sarah is a divorce attorney, Mediator and Divorce Coach, who after 5 years of representing her clients in often messy and costly divorces, developed a LOVING approach to dealing with breaking up and divorce.

Sarah created this event to help you love yourself through your break up or divorce.  The strategies you will learn here will guarantee you break through a better, stronger, happier and more fulfilled you.

We all know break ups and divorce are challenging times. You matter to me. This is why I’m so excited to be one of the speakers in this FREE virtual series!

This event was created so you have all the tools you will need to break up, break through and create the best life post break up possible.

 In this one of a kind FREE event, Sarah has gathered brilliant experts who are going to teach you step by step, exactly how to go from the break-up, to get up, to stand up, to move up, to soar through your breakthrough into the next chapter of your life.  It’s possible.

Believe me it’s so much better than worrying, wallowing, regretting, cursing and crying in misery.  Feeling like a failure, carrying the guilt and shame of your break up is heavy, hard and NOT NECESSARY. This event will help you.  Click on the link below and get the tools you need.

=== This Event is Totally Free, Claim your virtual seat now! Get it here!

After watching the interviews in this series:

·      You will be able to trust yourself again.

·      You will know what is right for you with absolute certainty.

·      You will learn how to follow through on decisions that support you.

·      You’ll learn what it takes to be able to support yourself and not give up no matter where you are in the process.

Get Honest…How do you feel right now?

·      You feel like you don’t have choices.

·      You feel like you need to follow guidelines and rules of the system: court and social rules or guidelines and you feel stressed, confused and pressed up against the wall.

·      You feel scared, worried and you are praying you’re making the right decisions.

·      You feel like you have to figure out how to follow what everyone else says rather than what your heart, body and spirit is telling you because you don’t know how to follow through on what you know to be true.

Sarah Ouellette created this series to help you know with certainty what steps to take to listen to your truth, follow through so you can break through and move on with clarity, strength, love, and personal power.

What you will learn from this event:

·      Leave the anger behind

·      Love yourself again

·      Accept where you are now and let go of the past

·      Forgive yourself and release the shame, fear, regret, anger and feelings of failure.

·      Transition to your new future

·      Learn exactly WHO you are and your gifts to the world

·      Create an inner space for peace

·      Connect with yourself, your intuition; rebuild trust and confidence!

·      Learn what you need to break through the patterns and energy of this relationship.

·      You can do this – you will break through and find love again.

·      This is your time to purposefully create the rest of your life ON YOUR TERMS!

After this event you will have complete certainty and clarity with who you are and what you truly want.

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If you are experiencing a break up or a divorce right now, this is an exciting time for you. Don’t waste it.

Get what you need and move forward with clarity, certainty, power and passion for the future.


We will teach you how to make the moves that really create amazing, powerful, beautiful, peaceful, fulfilled happy lives.

We are literally going to hold your hand and show you step by step how to use your break up to create a break through so you don’t revert back to those patterns that kept you stuck in the first place!

 Don’t waste this opportunity transform your break up into your break through.

Use this interview series to literally disconnect, reset and unleash the energy that keeps you connected to those chaotic and disruptive patterns and free yourself this time.

There is no other event out there like this.

So use this opportunity to fuel you, to grace you and to give you strength. I can’t wait to see you at the summit.

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I can’t wait to see you here!

Looking forward to sharing with you,


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