Want to understand the Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Toronto, Ontario or elsewhere for that matter? Whatever your frame of mind or situation at this stage of your divorce, The Smart Divorce offers divorce books, DIY divorce kits and divorce information tools that will help you gain clarity, perspective and a smarter next step.

The importance of powerful information tools and informative resources

With more an more people choosing to divorce on their own, it’s important to understand the pros and cons to the Do-It-Yourself Divorce.

For a short term marriage when there are no assets to divide and an amicable parting, the DIY divorce in Toronto, Ontario or elsewhere can help save a couple time and money.


  • Difficult to navigate the legal system
  • How do you know what is in your best interest?
  • How do you know your rights, responsibilities and obligations?
  • Mistakes are costly to fix – if indeed you can actually do so
  • Judges prefer litigants are represented by lawyers, and feel legal representation really is in their best interest

How to navigate the legal process saving time, money and your sanity?

  • Consult a lawyer before you sign your separation agreement – to ensure fairness and take care of your best interests.
  • The Smart Divorce®ToolKit can help provide you with powerful information to make informed decisions
  • Understand your options to avoid litigation
  • Understanding the importance of managing the “emotional divorce” separate from the “legal divorce”
  • Speaking with the right professionals to best understand your assets and liabilities – the matrimonial home, pensions, investments, loans and so on.

Empower Yourself to Make Informed Decisions

The Smart Divorce® ToolKit is a powerful education tool that can save you thousands of dollars and keeps your money in the family.  With this information, you are better prepared to manage your divorce and work more effectively with your lawyer and other divorce professionals.  Minimize your legal, financial and emotional costs, so that you can make more informed decisions for a happier, healthier future.  The Smart Divorce ToolKit is the best investment you can make to gain clarity and smarter next steps in managing the practicalities of divorce, while easing the emotional and physical pain that can emerge.

Endorsed by judges, lawyers and mental health professionals, The Smart Divorce ToolKit provides guidance and information from leading family law lawyers, mental health professionals, and parenting experts, well versed on the needs of those in the divorce process. This one-of-a-kind resource makes divorce uncomplicated and effortless to understand.

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For divorce support and divorce coaching or more information and help about DIY divorce in Toronto, Ontario contact me directly.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I am going through a divorce right now and it’s always helpful to read up on what is available online, especially with lawyers being so expensive these days.

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