Home alone: the post-divorce social scene

 All too often I hear people talk about having nothing to do on the weekend. While it can seem lonely at times, there are things you can do to help make new friends, or find ways to enjoy the weekend.

Please click the link to read more about tips and strategiesOpens in a new tab. as to how to accomplish a post-divorce social life.

http://www.more.ca/relationships/single-life/home-alone-the-post-divorce-social-scene/a/20793Opens in a new tab.

I wrote this article for More magazine’s online edition. More magazine is a publication which celebrates women over 40. Men should also feel comfortable reading this article as it offers great insight into moving on postdivorce; tips that apply to both men and women. If you would like to browse through this magazine click on the following link: www.more.caOpens in a new tab.

It doesn’t have to be lonely, get out there and enjoy yourself.

Have a fabulous weekend and a great week!

Deborah Moskovitch

This blog post was written by Deborah Moskovitch the author of "The Smart Divorce", the catalyst for this website. This evergreen book covers how to manage the divorce process for a less painful result.

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