I Think My Marriage is Over, What Should I do Now?

Hear Dr. Robert Simon answer this question on The Smart Divorce on Divorce Source Radio

Is divorce always the outcome when there is conflictOpens in a new tab. in the marriage?  Of course, not, there are options to consider, and help available to put your marriage back on track.  This episode explores the role of marriage counselling, and the next steps required if the marriage results in divorce.  Once the decision to divorce is made, there are many considerations and issues to ponder.  Our guest, psychologist Dr. Robert A. SimonOpens in a new tab. provides us with tips and strategies for getting through the early days of separation with your sanity and dignity intact.

Topics in this Podcast include:

  • The benefits of marriage counseling
  • Building your support network
  • Finding a therapist
  • Telling your children about divorceOpens in a new tab.
  • Emotional healing and coping strategies
  • And so much more……..

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I Think My Marriage is Over, What Should I Do Now? – The Smart Divorce

(Episode #1, The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch)   Help, I think my marriage is over, now what should I do?   Is divorce always the outcome when there is conflict in the marriage?

Deborah Moskovitch

This blog post was written by Deborah Moskovitch the author of "The Smart Divorce", the catalyst for this website. This evergreen book covers how to manage the divorce process for a less painful result.

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