Preparing for divorce pays off

Managing a divorceOpens in a new tab. truly is a process. However, you may not know what this process is, how to proceed, and how to process information and counsel along the way to make better decisions.  After all, you probably did not approach your marriage with the expectation that you might some day require an exit plan.

Many family lawyersOpens in a new tab. would agree that the divorce process should be handled like a business transaction. Yet, it is difficult during this ‘transaction’ to separate out your emotions which are probably at high tide from the important decisions that will affect you and your children for many years to come. It can also be difficult to get the divorce process started or to know how to choose a family lawyer, assess if your family lawyer is right for you, select other experts such as Certified Divorce Financial AnalystsOpens in a new tab. (CDFA), therapists and parenting experts, work cost effectively with legal counsel, and ensure you put your children’s best interests first. All of these are areas where a divorce consultant can be very helpful to you.

A divorce consultant is your support during divorce.  The role of a divorce consultant is to help provide you with the insight, education and knowledge of the divorce process, to help you to be forward thinking and to give you ideas to work more effectively with your legal counsel and other members of your divorce team.  After all, there is life after divorceOpens in a new tab.. Your divorce consultant is there to help you to move forward in a smart way so that you can rebuild your life and move forward with focus, hope and confidenceOpens in a new tab..

Deborah Moskovitch

This blog post was written by Deborah Moskovitch the author of "The Smart Divorce", the catalyst for this website. This evergreen book covers how to manage the divorce process for a less painful result.

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