Sending Love, My “Different-Functional” Family

All too often, parents worry, quite rightly, how their children are going to react to divorce.  The book Sending Love, My “Different-Functional” Family, is a great read for parents to share with their younger children.
This children’s book about a child coming to terms with divorce, manages to be both comforting and authentic at the same time.  Its message is simple and sincere:  Divorce doesn’t have to lead to a dysfunctional family.  It can lead to a healthy “different-functional” family where children know that they are worthy and loved – in spite of their parents’ decision to separate.

Written by divorced mom Lori Hilliard to help her own children, Sending Love, My “Different-Functional” Family is a welcome change from the traditional offerings for children coping with divorce.  This book can serve as a valuable resource for divorcing parents with young children and extended family.  There are no talking teddy bears or make-believe characters glossing over the reality of divorce.  This simple true story, told through the eyes of Hilliard’s five year old son, assures children that they are still part of a family that loves them.  The author felt it was important to feature a real child’s face, so that other children could relate to the story in a genuine way.  The book includes a section for parents to add photographs meaningful to their children, as well as a place to write down their own commitment to their children.  These thoughtful “extras” reinforce to children that their parents love for them is not diminished by divorce, and that life in a “different-functional” family can be a happy one.

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