The Many Faces of Domestic Violence

The recent media buzz surrounding allegations of domestic violence between a famous singer and her famous boyfriend serve to reinforce the message that domestic violence knows no boundaries.

The background of an individual – economic, cultural, education, age, sex or lifestyle – does not matter.Domestic violence, be it physical or emotional affects all walks of life.I recently attended a workshop on this topic and I wanted to share the following information……..

  • The number one problem in society today is that 2/3 of people who are abused don’t come forward.
  • You don’t have to physically abuse your children or partner to harm them.
  • Abuse can take many forms: emotional, financial, cause terror or fear.
  • 80% of children know it is happening when there is domestic violence in the family.
  • There is a link between depression and violence.
  • When there is violence in a family, not every parent can be a co-parent.

What can you do about domestic violence?

  • Protect children; ensure their safety.
  • Protect the wellbeing of a victim.
  • Encourage the victim to get the help that she or he needs.
  • Hold the perpetrator accountable – ensure this person gets help.
  • Don’t ignore it.

If you are living in this terrible circumstance I urge you to reach out to mental health professionals, support organizations, and the courts for assistance in helping you seek safety.

No one should live in an abusive situation.

Everyone deserves to live in a safe environment.

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