the smart divorce

Be SMART about your divorce:

Start with realistic goals and objectives. State them.
Maximize your knowledge and information.
Avoid being emotionally reactive.
Retain the best divorce team you can affordOpens in a new tab..
Treat your divorce as a business transaction.

The Smart Divorce helps make the divorce process less complex, confusing and costly – as well as healthier and less painful – so that you and your family can move on to a better life, post divorceOpens in a new tab.. The company was founded by divorce coach and divorcee Deborah MoskovitchOpens in a new tab., a leading authority, writer, public speaker and media opinion leader on the divorce process.

If you are divorcing, The Smart Divorce one-on-one coachingOpens in a new tab. gives you personal access to Deborah’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Deborah’s book The Smart DivorceOpens in a new tab. is your go-to primer for smarter navigation at every step of your divorce. This Canadian bestseller is complemented by information tools, from Smart Divorce AudiosOpens in a new tab. to easy-to-reference Smart GuidesOpens in a new tab..

With nearly one out of two marriages ending in divorce, The Smart Divorce also offers services and tools for businesses and organizationsOpens in a new tab., to help them manage and mitigate the considerable business cost of divorce.

what the smart divorce is not

The Smart Divorce provides comprehensive insight into general issues related to the divorce process. It is not legal advice, which varies by jurisdiction, nor psychological counsel. For legal advice specific to your situation, seek out a qualified practitioner of family law. For psychological counsel, consult with a qualified psychological specialist. The Smart Divorce offers guidelines about how to select appropriate professionals with the all important right fit for you.

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