Divorce…A Child’s View

Child View of divorce

Divorce changes a child’s world.  Helping children recognize and express their emotions and cope with the changes of divorce are the first steps of a child’s healing process. Books Encourage Families to Talk about Divorce.

Mother-daughter co-authors Barbara Greenberg, MD and Amie Greenberg, JD, MBA wrote children’s books entitled:

“I Am Divorced … But I’m Still Me: A Child’s View of Divorce – Nick’s Story” and

“I Am Divorced … But I’m Still Me: A Child’s View of Divorce – Julianna’s Story”

to help children heal through their parents’ divorce.

Barbara Greenberg, MD and Amie Greenberg, JD, MBA, collaborated on the “I Am Divorced” books after personally and professionally experienced the impact of divorce.    The “I Am Divorced” books are uniquely written through the eyes and words of children.

Many parents and children don’t effectively talk about the pain and the changes associated with divorce.  Children who do not talk about divorce may have problems socially, behaviorally or academically.  “They may be angry and act out rather than verbalize their emotions about divorce,” said Barbara.

It is easier for children to see themselves through the eyes of other children.  Julianna and Nick are the characters in the “I Am Divorced” books.  They tell the story of how their world changes as a result of their parent’s divorce.   Reading other children’s stories of divorce, like the ones told by Julianna and Nick, give parents the tools to open a dialogue with their children.

  • Through words and illustrations, children tell their story of divorce to other children.
  • Books help children recognize and express their feelings about divorce. 

“These books mirror children’s experience of divorce and therefore, encourage open lines of communication,” said Barbara.  Adds Amie, “Divorce experiences for children are universal and sharing these stories empowers children to understand and communicate their feelings.  Amie and Barbara wrote the “I Am Divorced” books to help other families who are going through the pain of divorce.

Amie Greenberg, JD, MBA, is an family lawyer who practices family law in Beverly Hills, California. Barbara Greenberg, MD is a Psychiatrist, Neurologist and family therapist in Brea, California.

Available in print & e-books:  Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Kindle; Nook; and iTunes.

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