divorce coach for individuals

Is the Divorce Coach Right for You?

Consider the following questions to determine if the Divorce Coach is the solution you’re seeking.

  1. Are you trapped in an unhappy marriage or facing a severe relationship challenge, unsure of your next steps?
  2. Has your spouse recently left, leaving you struggling with the emotional aftermath?
  3. Do you wish to pursue a divorce but feel overwhelmed by the details? Or do you want to stay in command and make your own choices?
  4. The idea of high lawyers’ fees is deterring you from getting divorced, or you can’t afford them.
  5. During your divorce, do you need someone who understands your situation and can guide your transition from marriage to singlehood?
  6. You understand the necessity of consulting a lawyer, but selecting one or handling their fees is challenging.
  7. Despite having a lawyer, you feel daunted by the legal proceedings and the other challenges in your path.
  8. Your lawyer isn’t consistently available for discussions, or you’d prefer someone to communicate with your lawyer on your behalf.
  9. Uncertainty surrounds your decisions, and you desire guidance from someone experienced.
  10. You aim to navigate your divorce causing minimal distress to your family and yourself. However, feelings of losing control or stagnation plague you.

If you resonate with three or more statements, click here to discover how the Divorce Coach can assist you.

The Information Booster

Your one-stop shop for all your divorce information needs. Together, we identify your weakest points in the divorce process to provide you with the information that will bring clarity, ease, and peace to those areas that bring you the most discomfort and confusion. Knowing the questions to ask and having the right resources will ease the emotional roller coaster of divorce, save you time and money, and keep your sanity.

Are you in search of peace of mind or looking to reduce the impact on your wallet? The Information Booster just may be the ticket. It is great for:

  • Preparing to work more cost-effectively and efficiently with your divorce lawyers.
  • Exploring your issues to problem-solve, develop questions to consider with your divorce team, and identify next steps.
  • Organizing and filling out the paperwork to reduce your stress, legal bills and improve your outcome.
  • Coaching by phone with your divorce professionals to ensure a mutual understanding and insight of all issues.
  • Creative ideas on different ways to approach aspects of the situation.
  • Divorce education and support. …and much more


$135.00 per hour or buy a package of four, 1-hour sessions for only $450 and you will also receive The Smart Divorce® Guide

Book your Information Booster session today! Contact Sarah at (647) 493-1800 or complete an inquiry form.

The Guidance Plan

You may be stuck, unsure about next steps and question if there really is a brighter future. Perhaps you want to be more introspective. Together we will find ways to ease the emotional and physical pain that can emerge, to help you move forward with focus, hope and confidence.

As someone who has been through a seven-year divorce, Sarah knows first hand the many unknowns, fears and losses that can be experienced and brings those insights, that can only be obtained from being there, to your situation to ease the severity, degree and impact for you.

The Guidance Plan is designed for you to have a personal Divorce Coach counseling and supporting you through the divorce process. Sarah will help to bolster your confidence and give you individual support, with encouragement and information during this challenging time by being:

  • Your guide and confidante.
  • Your personal, private and confidential support group and thinking partner.
  • Your divorce coach via telephone sessions that are convenient, private, and can save you time and money.


$100.00 per 45-minute telecoaching session or buy an eight pack of 45-minute telecoaching sessions for $675 and receive the The Smart Divorce® Guide free.

Call Sarah at (647) 493-1800 to schedule Guidance Plan session or complete an inquiry form.

Divorce Coaching Power Hour

You may be wondering…where do I begin, what is the divorce process, what are my options, who should I retain, what about the children? The questions and worries are many.

The Divorce Coaching Power Hour is a private and confidential hour coaching session designed to help you manage those and other fears and empower you around your concerns. It provides you with a map and a basic outline of the divorce process to reduce stress and anxiety, and gain clarity to focus on your next steps. This may include:

  • An overview of the divorce process to better understand the dispute resolutions.
  • Information to prepare and work more cost-effectively with your divorce team and identify questions to ask to make informed decisions.
  • Strategies and tips for organizing your financial paperwork.
  • Preparing for a legal consultation to help find the family lawyer that is right for you.
  • Understanding and preparing for the Parenting Plan.
  • Access and referrals to leading divorce professionals across North America.
  • Research and information on many topics of concern such as: legal, emotional, children, life post-divorce, lifestyle choices, career considerations and more.


$175.00 per hour; choose from one hour, two hour or three hour sessions

Sign up today for coaching that best meets your needs. Contact Sarah at (647) 493-1800 or complete an inquiry form to save time, money and your sanity.

Last Words

In conclusion, divorce coaching is a transformative process that can help many couples navigate the often overwhelming landscape of separation. A divorce coach, like those at The Smart Divorce, is a committed professional who specializes in helping clients face the challenges of divorce, from dealing with high conflict situations to managing the logistics of a split.

Divorce coaches are not just for the wealthy who can afford high legal fees. They are for any divorced person or couple who feels overwhelmed by the legal process and needs guidance to move forward. These coaches, often licensed mental health professionals or experienced divorce lawyers, offer coaching sessions designed to enhance communication skills, manage emotions, and provide direction.

Divorce rates are high, and the journey from married to divorced can be a frightening one. However, with the help of a divorce coach, you can navigate this new world with confidence. Whether you’re in Toronto, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, a coach can help you articulate your interests, manage your emotions, and ensure that you’re ready to face the future.

Divorce is not just an ending; it’s also a beginning. It’s the start of a new life, a chance to redefine your relationships and your role in the world. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and move forward. And with the help of a divorce coach, you can do so with less stress, more confidence, and a clear path ahead.

Remember, feeling overwhelmed is normal. But with the right support, you can move forward, not just as a divorced person, but as a confident individual ready to embrace the future. So, if you’re dealing with a divorce, consider hiring a divorce coach. It could be the best decision you make for your new life.



The Smart Divorce provides a comprehensive understanding of general issues related to the divorce process. However, it does not provide legal advice or psychological counselling, which varies by jurisdiction. Consult a qualified family law practitioner for legal advice specific to your situation. For psychological counselling, seek out a qualified psychological specialist. The Smart Divorce provides guidelines on selecting the right professionals for your needs.