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The average cost of divorcing employees to an organization has been estimated at over $83,000 per year*. With nearly half of marriages ending in divorce, it’s a hidden business cost that few organizations deal with effectively. The Smart Divorce can help.

Divorce ranks second only to the death of a spouse or child on a scale of stressful life events. It can spill into the workplace as lost time, more frequent errors, and suppressed creativity. Angry employees may even project it onto co-workers or customers.  The Smart Divorce helps ease employees through this difficult, all-too-common situation by educating them to effectively manage the divorce process — while staying mindful at the workplace.

Through a tailored program that may include Events and Professional Development, One-on-One Coaching for individual employees, the acclaimed The Smart Divorce book The Smart Divorce, or a comprehensive The Smart Divorce ToolKit.

Consider a value-added Smart Divorce employee program that helps your people move forward with focus, hope and confidence, so they may contribute more productively to their job. It can pay dividends for both your organization and your employees.

Meditate-HiResBWMore reasons your organization may want to consider The Smart Divorce:

  • 90% of workplace violence is related to employee divorce and child custody problems**
  • Child custody issues include administration of health care, absenteeism, time off for
 court dates and shortened hours**
  • After divorce, it can take up to 5 years for employee productivity to rebound**


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The Smart Divorce events are cost-effective ways to introduce clarity about the divorce process. The comprehensive information can help minimize stress and maximize an employee’s attention during an often distracting time.
Choose from….

  • Achieving a Smart Divorce
    A 1-½ hour overview of the divorce process is explained in broad terms, while
 providing an understanding of the emotional divorce and the legal divorce.   Individuals will learn about the many issues to consider while navigating their
 divorce journey, in order to overcome the fear and anxiety so many experience -
 thereby being better able to maintain productivity and focus on the job.
  • Avoiding the Blended Family Breakdown
    A one-hour presentation focusing on considerations when blending families.  All
 too often families merge without an understanding of what’s to come, causing
 greater problems and stress.  Participants will learn the important conversations
 to have and issues to consider, in order encourage a stronger family unit in an
 effort to avoid the blended family breakdown – an all too common fallout of a
 new family unit and new step-parenting roles.
  • Divorce Proofing The Family and Closely Held Business 
    A one-hour discussion outlining the impact of divorce upon a family
 or closely held business.  While divorce is often seen as a personal matter, when a family
 or closely held business is involved, it is not uncommon for the effect of divorce to bog down
 the extended family unit and partners, creating complications, reduced productivity, distress
 and even dissension amongst family members and partners.  Participants will learn how to
 structure the Family and Closely Held Business in an effort to avoid a financial and family
 meltdown, and better understand the emotional cost upon the family or partners and the
 divorcing party.  A family or closely held business divorce strategy is explored in an effort to
 minimize and avoid the negative outcomes so often experienced by all family
 members and partners.

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professional development

A one-hour information session educating management with an understanding of the
 impact of divorce in the workplace, and managing the conversations with
 employees about their personal situation, in a professional and
 empathetic manner.

In addition to the events outlined above, The Smart Divorce One-on-One Divorce Coaching, The Smart Divorce book, and The Smart Divorce ToolKit are valuable, cost effective resources for groups and organizations.

While divorce is a personal matter, the emotional impact can spill over into the workplace, suddenly making it a public affair.

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may help you make a difference with your employees.

Integrated Organizational Development ( Based on an average wage of $19.50/hr and 10 employees divorcing per year. Lost productivity of divorcing employee is estimated based on a divorcing employee’s performance falling 50% – 75%. Assumes time off spent dealing with legal, financial, psychological issues related to divorce; and loss of productivity as a result of time spent dealing directly/indirectly with issues of employees’ performance and/or productivity. – Allan Gorman – Vice President of Marriage Works of Hartford County

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