Planning for A Smart Divorce

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Planning For A Smart Divorce Divorce

Divorce is an extremely challenging time in your life. But it does not have to be a legal, financial or emotional nightmare. When you are well informed and prepared for what you need to do to navigate the process and practicalities of divorce, you can have a much smoother transition while keeping your family, finances and sanity intact. The Smart Divorce® provides you with the tools and techniques that will allow you to stay on a smart and measured track throughout the divorce process. Both a process and a step by step program, The Smart Divorce helps you to strategize and to be smart about divorce, to overcome conflicts, fears and obstacles, and to move forward in your life with focus, hope and confidence. What is a Smart Divorce? Divorce rarely goes through without a hitch — especially when children, properties and finances are involved. Emotional turmoil and everyday chaos almost always accompany the early stages of divorce. However, it is at this time that legal issues come up and you are faced with a myriad of decisions when you are least prepared to deal with them objectively. With a smart divorce, however, you are able to manage the competing legal and emotional sides of divorce to ensure you make the best possible decisions for you and your family, as well as minimize your conflicts and costs. You learn how to keep the “two divorces” — the emotional divorce and the legal divorce — as separate as possible. You will be able to understand your emotions and deal with them with the help of a therapist and friends. This, in turn, will help you to be in the proper frame of mind to treat your legal divorce as a business transaction, and as a job you basically have to do to put your children’s best interests first, to arrive at a successful settlement, to move on to a better life for you and your spouse.

The smart approach to divorce:

• affirms the emotions experienced in marital breakups

• helps you process your legal options and lawyers early on

• assists you in making informed decisions, protected from the damage that uncontrolled emotions can cause • provides you with questions to help guide your decision making when assessing the right legal fit

• guides you in putting your children’s best interests first

• moves you and your spouse back into single status, ready to get on with the rest of your lives while fulfilling the responsibilities that flow from your former married state

Why is it critical that you get a smart divorce? Because you — and your children, if you have any, — are going to be living the rest of your lives with the results of the decisions you make during your divorce process. You want to make decisions that will allow all of you to live without regret.

How The Smart Guides Will Help You Be SMART about your divorce:

Start with realistic goals and objectives.

Maximize your knowledge and information.

Avoid being emotionally reactive.

Retain the best divorce team you can afford.

Treat your divorce as a business transaction.

Your divorce is a journey. The Smart Guides help you to navigate and to break down in steps what you need to do to get through the process and practicalities of divorce as well as to accomplish specific objectives:

• Manage the emotional divorce and develop a support network

• Understand the divorce options and resolutions available to you

• Interview and choose the right divorce lawyer

• Assess if your lawyer is a good fit

• Know how to prepare and bring the right financial information to your lawyer

• Consider your children’s best interests

• How to make smart decisions so that you can move forward with focus, hope and confidence.

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The Smart Divorce Smart Guides – Comprehensive Volume 

Table of Contents

1 ■ Planning for a Smart Divorce

2 ■ Coping with the Stress of the Emotional Divorce

3 ■ How to Increase Your Ability to Cope When Divorcing

4 ■ A Journey Toward Forgiveness Following Divorce

5 ■ Legal Separation – The Power of Setting Realistic Expectations

6 ■ Understanding Your Divorce Options

7 ■ Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer

8 ■ Understanding How Assets Get Divided in Divorce

9 ■ Getting Your Finances and Record Keeping Organized for Divorce

10 ■ Financial Information Checklist

11 ■ Important Financial Steps Required to Prepare for Divorce

12 ■ How to Tell Your Children You’re Divorcing

13 ■ Smart Co-Parenting and Putting Your Children’s Best Interest First

14 ■ Cooperative Parenting or Parallel Parenting

15 ■ Living Separate and Apart

16 ■ Smart Co-Parenting for the New Family Unit

17 ■ How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

18 ■ What to Tell the Kids About a High-Conflict Co-Parent

19 ■ A B.I.F.F. Response to Hostile Email

20 ■ Domestic Violence: Is it Time to Leave?

21 ■ Divorcing with Post Traumatic Stress: Getting the Help You Need

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