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“I found The Smart Divorce Guide most informative and helpful and an excellent resource for families involved in the process.”  Dr. Daniel T. Ashbourne, C. Psych, The Centre for Children & Families in the Justice System (CCFJS)

“It is possible to have what Deborah Moskovitch refers to as a “Smart Divorce.” However, it requires educating yourself before making mistakes you will later regret. Life is like physics, in that for every action there is a reaction – cause and effect. Each and every thing that we do (or opt not to do) is typically the result of a choice we make. The choices people make during the course of their divorceOpens in a new tab. or other family law proceeding will most certainly impact the outcome. A great many people have had destructive divorces…The manner in which you end a relationship determines whether your family will be functional or dysfunctional from that day forward. As I frequently say, outcomes are often determined by the way in which the “game” is designed. In this 4 CD collection, Deborah Moskovitch and Robert A. Simon, Ph.D. provide the information and tools people need in order to have a “Smart Divorce.” I have so much respect for both of these individuals and the work that they do. I am not at all surprised that something wonderful would result from their collaboration”  – Mark Baer, Lawyer, Pasadena California

“Comprehensive and well-done. Highly recommended.” -Library Journal

“Will bring comfort and understanding to anyone making the myriad decisions involved in a divorce” – Jon M. Garon, Director of Law & Informatics Institute, NKU Salmon P. Chase College of Law

“Follow this book’s advice and you will save a lot of heartache, misery, and money.” – Dr. Richard A. Warshak, author, Divorce Poison: Protecting the Parent-Child Bond from a Vindictive Ex

“In the divorcing world full of chaos and fear this book offers the kind of advice that… leads you on a productive life enhancing path.” – Judge Michele Lowrance The Good Karma Divorce

“Your book is brilliant, it will help a lot of people.” – Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndes, The Steven and Chris Show, CBC

“I could not put it down I felt like it was written for me.” – A reader, Jane, in Boson

“Deborah’s Blog is a must read for anyone contemplating or in the throes of divorce. It is also valuable for those trying to put their lives back on track after a divorce. Whether you are the one experiencing the challenge or an family lawyer or counselor in the field you will benefit from reading The Smart Divorce.” – ST, Kansas

“Your book that I ordered finally got here a couple of days ago and I started reading right away. …I’ve found it very helpful especially it relates to true life experience. It sure is a “must read” for anyone going thru divorce.” – GC, Los Angeles California

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“Sarah’s coaching in guiding my clients through the difficult and often painful process they experience makes my job easier. Clients have a better understanding of the divorce process, are more grounded, and confident and calmer when making decisions. She deals with the emotional aspects so that can focus then on the legal issues. They are better prepared with questions and more organized as a result. She is warm, empathetic, smart, strategic, and offers value to my team. I have no hesitation recommending her.”  – Brahm Siegel, Lawyer, Toronto Ontario

“You are the best non family lawyer specialist I have ever seen!” – Mike McCurley, Lawyer, Dallas Texas

“Deborah’s matter-of-fact approach is refreshing and her empathy and clarity shines through. She is not only knowledgeable about the legal process but completely understands both the emotional and legal separation.” – Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, Barrister and Solicitor, Markham Ontario

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“Deborah Moskovitch is an extremely well versed individual who is able to present in a manner that really touches people.  The area of divorce is fraught with difficult issues and Sarah educates in a down-to-earth way how to better cope with these challenges.  She is truly passionate about helping others through dealing with separation and divorce via her enlightening and interesting presentations.” – Linda Cartier, President, Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists

“Sarah and The Smart Divorce’s line of products offers an outstanding depth of separation and divorce knowledge which will guide any mom or dad down a healthier path.  She’s an outstanding public speaker, empathetic to all parents’ financial and parenting needs, and is a positive influence who can work with legal and mental health professionals.” – Stephen Rosenfield, CEO, Come to Agreement

“Ms. Bates was extremely easy to work with. We were able to create and implement a very valuable resource.” – Senior Product Manager Kerri Corturillo, Ceridian Canada Ltd.

“The Smart Divorce book and related articles offer practical and valuable information to help manage the process of separation/divorce.  In her writing and presentations, author, Deborah Moskovitch draws upon her personal and professional expertise to encourage audiences to handle separation/divorce in a thorough, sensible and composed manner. She is a notable resource on this subject because of her great insight and breadth of knowledge. – Sandy Shuler, Family Life Works, Calgary Alberta

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“My therapist told me I made a good choice in seeing you!”  – SF, Toronto, Ontario

“Your guidance was very helpful, thanks!…Thank you very much for meeting with me on such short notice. The information you gave me helped empower me to make a few major decisions in the past week.” – MG, Toronto, Ontario

“I followed your suggestion and sent all the relevant documents and agenda to my family lawyer. We had a very productive meeting because of your advice.” – KB, Ottawa Ontario

“I’m so glad to have you working by my side.” – ERScarborough Ontario

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“I have been following your podcasts for sometime now, and I find them incredibly powerful. I am 41 years old, and have been going through a separation for the last 15 months.  During my worst emotional times, your programs provided me with an amazing source for positivism, support and comfort.  Just a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend in Mexico who was going through a very painful stage of his separation, and one of the most important advice I gave him was to get your podcasts. Thank you very much for the great work.” – AR, Lima, Peru

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“I came across your article about the difficulty of resolving family issues. My parents were divorced when I was younger and your article helped me to better understand what they went through. Hopefully I will never have to go through what they did but at least now I have a better understanding of the few years following the divorce. Thanks for the article.” – AC, reader

“I found your book in the local library. As I started to read your book I realized the author was a woman which for some reason I was bothered about?! But as I continued to read I found myself racing through the pages, hungry for more information.  Your book made me smile at times and also made me ask myself questions I do not yet know the answer to. I t also helped me understand why I feel like I do sometimes!  I am positive about my future and your book did help, I read it in just a few days… I wish you well and thank you.” – A reader, New Zealand

“Truly inspiring, motivating, very factual and candid, coming from a ‘heart that seems to genuinely care’ for those going through the prospect of divorce.” – Syed, reader, More.ca

“ I incorporate The Smart Divorce Guide into the divorce education materials I offer my clients. In my opinion, all divorce and child custody professionals should consider doing the same.”Lawyer Michael Mastrassi, Baltimore, Maryland

“I am impressed by the helpful information! The Smart Guides strike me as a wonderful resource for people going through the process of divorce.” – Associate Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College, Mark Rye, Saratoga Springs, New York

“You could certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.” – MB, reader


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