Embracing Happiness Amidst Divorce During Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

This post is a little late for Canadians and a little early for Americans.  But no matter where you live, my goal is to support you in whatever way, for a happier, healthier future.

Being divorced isn’t always easy.  But, being happily divorced is the ultimate goal– and finding my way there has been a path of discovery, challenge and achievement.  Getting divorce support and managing your divorce emotions, will be helpful to achieving a positive perspective longterm.   Given that it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and soul searching this weekend.   And this is what I found works for me, perhaps it can be helpful for you too:

My divorce was fraught with conflict and battles.  I learned not to engage, and sure enough, slowly but surely, the conflict sputtered and then finally ceased. Deciding not to get caught up in a battle that was unhealthy for me, and certainly for our children. Thankfully, I’m happy to report, that overcoming the challenges of being a single parent has made me a better parent.   Making smarter choices for a happy, healthy future life postdivorce has helped me to be a good role model for my kids.  It’s finding the happiness in the little things that sets my day and positive attitude.

So today I went outside my comfort zone, and rather than doing for everyone else, I did for me.  All too often, I get so wrapped up in the responsibilities of being a single parent that taking care of myself gets put on the shelf.  Today was different.  Up early, rather than the laundry, groceries, and having breakfast ready for when my kids awake – I decided chores and errands could wait.   Going to the gym, and working out with 80 other like-minded individuals was inspiring and fun.  A full body workout with Coach J at Spynga, dedicated to the fighter pilot in training Christian Garofalo, and then his surprise guest zumba instructor, Ricardo Marmitte, started my day with so much fun and positivity, that it set me up with an uplifting and happy mood for the day.

Taking home the happiness and inspiration created a cheerfulness that continued all day – and duly noted by my kids.  So, my message to you is, don’t wait for life to get overwhelming and exhausting, always make time  for you.  Whatever the amount of time you spare to focus on yourself, can lift your spirits and be the recharge that often gets forgotten. It’s finding happiness in the little thingsOpens in a new tab. that step by step, lead to great changes.  Go on, be good to yourself, you’ll be thankful you did.

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