Toronto Divorce Coach – Sarah Bates

the catalyst

Responding to the demand for “neutral” support, Sarah joined, The Smart Divorce® to provide divorce informationOpens in a new tab., support, divorce coaching and powerful educational tools to empower and free people during this difficult time. As a Toronto Divorce Coach she provides unique divorce support services for individuals and for organizations , events, and private one-on-one divorce coaching in Ontario, Canada and all across North America. The Smart Divorce® is your one stop shop for cost effective divorce mediation and support. She’s in your camp!

Sarah’s goal

Sarah’s goal is always to help you get through your divorce smarter with your family, your finances and your sanity intact, while saving you time and money. She remains curious and questioning,. In addition to being a divorce coach in Toronto, Ontario, she is a public speaker and media contact on the topic of divorce how-to.