About Joan Rogliano

With more thank 25 years of real estate industry experience Joan Rogliano enjoys the distinction of being the only licensed Realtor in the United States who holds the four part designation of Real Estate Divorce Specialist, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Council of Residential Specialist and Graduate of the Real Estate Institute.

As the broker owner of Rogliano Real Estate Group since 2006, she has dedicated her professional expertise and personal life experience to enhance, educate and empower women in transition of divorce and widowhood.Her specialty is assisting families with the life decision of what to do with the marital home when they are divorcing. Usually the largest asset they have, the focus on their personal options is vital.

Q&A With Joan

Q. What is the most important message you try to convey to people going thru divorce?

A. Take a deep breath and slow down! Divorce is an experience that is filled with lots of emotions, so everyone tends to “just want it over with”. This leads them to frequently make hasty decisions that are not coming from an informed place. Seek out the professionals you need on your team and use all the resources you can, to educate yourself on your available options. You must be proactive for yourself and your children as these decisions are hard to reverse after things settle down.

Q. How has divorce impacted your life personally?

A. Divorce was not part of my life plan but has been the greatest influence on my life. It teaches us so much about ourselves, family, friends and even acquaintances. Over the years there have been profound shifts in my relationships with my children (who are now grown), and a deep respect for what we experienced together. We are all in agreement that divorce has made us stronger and wiser. It also creates an immediate bond when meeting individuals who have, or are, experiencing divorce either personally or through a family member or friend.

Q. What are your thoughts regarding how 
thesmartdivorce.com can help families and children deal with the journey thru divorce?

A. Divorce creates vulnerability and there are definitely people who will prey on that. It requires support and a new community of trusted resources. The Smart Divorce is a stellar example of  resources that have been compiled with mindfulness about the value, substance and integrity of its participants. There are so many challenges for divorcing families and even a little bit of solid knowledge and understanding can help diffuse the situation. Participating in this process of providing education and emotional support via The Smart Divorce is an honor.

Q. What inspired you to get involved in helping families understand and deal with divorce related issues?

A. While going through my divorce there was invaluable support available to me and my children.  One’s inclination is to then lend a hand to others when we can. Through my work as a Realtor, it was revealed to me repeatedly that families were receiving a lot of misinformation regarding their family home. There seemed to be a one size fits all mentality that the home needed to be sold, and there weren’t any options. Education was required to prepare for this decision which should be customized for each family. As this was usually the largest asset a family held, missteps could prove costly, both financially and emotionally.  Divorce brings major changes to lifeOpens in a new tab. and a home can become vitally important for some sense of continuity, particularly to children.

Q: How will your affiliation with 
thesmartdivorce.com help others become more aware of divorce issues, conflicts and resolutions?

A. The Smart Divorce is a valuable avenue to spread the message that changes in the way divorce is viewed and handled by our systems has to be altered. We must make this a more humane and less costly experience for families. When we blend our voices they become louder, and that creates  more power to increase awareness. I look forward to contributing to this discussion and creating more focus on the issues divorce presents.

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