Act to End Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women
Violence Against Women

Act To End Violence Against Women is very pleased to announce the opening of a Legal Information Service for Jewish women who have experienced abuse. This service is offered free of charge to eligible women. To accommodate the needs of the community, service will be offered in Hebrew & Russian in addition to English. Other languages may be accommodated as well.

The Legal Information Service offers several components of service:
1. Legal Support Workers who will provide legal INFORMATION and who will help the women navigate the very complex legal landscape in Ontario
2. Legal Support Workers who will provide emotional support and safety planning to women
3. Extensive community resources
4. Referrals to divorce lawyers
5. Pro-bono summary advice clinics
6. Community education workshops

Resident of GTA
Over 18 years of age
Seeking a legal remedy for a domestic violence-related issue only

Their Legal Support Workers do not offer legal ADVICE. They are not intended to replace a family lawyer or advice from a family lawyer.

By appointment only 905-695-5374


Violence against women is the intentional and regular use of tactics to establish and maintain power and control over the thoughts, beliefs and behaviour of a woman by creating fear and/or dependency. All forms of abuse result in the woman losing some if not all dignity, control, safety and personal power. Abused women change their behaviour, preferences and/or choices because they fear the consequences or retaliation of their abusive partner.

Abuse includes, but, is not limited to:

Physical Abuse – hitting; choking; slapping; burning; shoving; using a weapon; physically restraining; intentional interference with basic needs (e.g. food, medicine, sleep).

Isolation: Restricting Freedom – controlling contacts with friends and family, access to information and participation in groups or organizations; locking up in a room / restricting mobility; monitoring telephone calls.

Psychological & Emotional Abuse – constantly criticizing, ridiculing (self, family, friends, past); trying to humiliate or degrade; lying; undermining self-esteem.

Stalking / Harassing Behaviour – following; turning up unexpectedly at workplace or house; parking outside; repeated phone calls or mail to victim and/or family, friends, colleagues.

Threats & Intimidation – threatening to harm partner, self or others (children, family, friends, pets); threatening to make reports to authorities that jeopardize child custody, immigration or legal status; threatening to disclose HIV status or sexual orientation to friends, neighbours, and/or employers.

Economic Abuse – controlling or stealing money; fostering dependency; making financial decisions without asking or telling partner.

Sexual Abuse/Harassment – forcing sex or specific acts, pressuring into unwanted sexual behaviour, criticizing performance.

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