A Judge’s Verdict on what to expect in Family Court

What to expect in family court with Judge Brownstone

There are many misconceptions and fallacies regarding what happens in a courtroom. When it comes to justice, all too often couples are disappointed by the outcome – and wind up with big legal fees, family drama that escalates into a full-fledged fight, and a resolution that leaves them dissatisfied.

Justice Harvey Brownstone, a sitting court judge, best-selling author of Tug of War, and host of Family Matters TV, joins us to explain what happens inside the courtroom and in the mind of a judge.

Justice Brownstone has been dubbed a maverick judge who is a trailblazer who is transforming the public perception of the judiciary on his own.

Our goal as parents is to prioritize our children’s needs. It isn’t always easy, but it is something we must strive for!

This candid and thought-provoking interview will alter your perspective on litigation and how you navigate the divorce process. We are lucky to have Justice Brownstone offer his ideas and educate listeners about what happens in court and what actually important.

The following are some of the topics covered in this podcast:

  • The Effects of Litigation on Families
  • What is truly in the best interests of your children?
  • The significance of seeking legal advice
  • A candid conversation about divorce, relationships, and a lot more.

I’ve been fortunate in that my message has been endorsed and pushed by a large number of divorce professionals. They also help with my divorce education on a variety of issues, like putting your children’s best interests first, finances, managing your emotions, and rebuilding your life after divorceOpens in a new tab., among other things. They also give me a place to share what I’ve learned.

Justice Harvey Brownstone is a role model for me when it comes to taking risks and being a trailblazer in the divorce area. Justice Brownstone is an outspoken judge who is unafraid to speak out on divorce, families, and society’s impact. His purpose appears to be to educate the public about divorce and other family issues. This summer, I was honoured to be a guest on the show for a second time.


More What to Expect in a Family Court Case

Anyone going through a divorce should watch the movie attached for an inside look at what happens in a family courts. Staying out of court is critical because you want to avoid the tug of war between parents and the negative consequences it can have on children.

Watch this engrossing interview with Steve Paikin, who speaks with family courtOpens in a new tab. judge Justice Harvey Brownstone, who has spent 14 years arbitrating contentious custody battles and has written a book on his time on the bench.

Click here to listen to Justice Brownstone’s interview:


A 12-year investigation on high-conflict families

If that isn’t enough to keep you out of court, read Dr. Robert E. Emery’s strong study. Dr. Emery conducted a 12-year research on high-conflict families who had first appeared in court for a contested custody hearing. He compared two groups: those who litigated the outcome and those who went through mediation.

Summary of the 12-Year Study

Non-residential parents saw their children substantially more often after 5 hours of mediation 12 years later.
When compared to the ordinary divorce in America, 28 percent of nonresident parents who mediated saw their children weekly 12 years later, compared to 9 percent who litigated and 11 percent in the national averages.

What can I do if my child refuses to see me?

“Trailblazer” isn’t a term that comes to mind when thinking of divorce lawyers. Couples must comprehend the impact of divorce on families, children, the individual, and society, with the divorce rate hovering around 50% and over a million youngsters suffering their parents’ divorce each year.

What I find most astonishing is that the divorce rateOpens in a new tab. increases with subsequent marriages – this only shows that people are not learning from their mistakes and/or are not taking the time to understand their own needs and expectations. This simply goes to show how important it is to provide significant learning and education. It’s simple to see how divorce has turned into a rich business.

Without intending to come across as arrogant, I am honoured to have been called a trailblazer since I turned my suffering into a vocation that benefits so many people. I’m interested about teaching the public about divorce, both the process and the long-term effects it has on a person and their family. It was not easy for me to get through my divorce; it was full of emotion and, needless to say, huge legal expenditures.

I learnt a lot during my lengthy and arduous divorce process, which led me to publish The Smart Divorce: Proven Strategies and Valuable Advice from 100 of the World’s Best Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisers, Counselors, and Other Professionals (Chicago Review Press, 2007). I wrote the book so that I could share my suffering and help others heal by learning from it. I personally interviewed over 100 of North America’s top divorce lawyers so that others could benefit from my experience and avoid making the same mistakes I did, saving time, money, and their sanity.

Justice Harvey Brownstone is my inspiration for becoming a divorce trailblazer. Justice Brownstone, Canada’s first out gay judge, is changing the public perception of the judiciary and improving access to justice on his own. The public is starving for trustworthy, easily accessible information on a wide range of topics affecting relationships, parenting, and children’s well-being. Because there are so many different ways to look at a family and so many different configurations, Justice Brownstone will also look into a variety of issues involving same-sex couples, such as marriage, adoption, parenting, surrogacy, and so on.

In Canada, there are no judges who go out on a limb to share their wisdom and competence without passing judgement, and just a few in the United States. It’s not often that I write about other people, but I believed it was necessary to help promote a new television show called Family Matters. This is a conversation show that aims to educate and inform parents and families about topics that are important to today’s North American families.

Justice Brownstone wants parents to get the most up-to-date information about the realities of family court and the alternatives to litigation directly from a judge, so they may make educated decisions about how to settle parenting conflicts in the best interests of their children. The show will cover topics such as open marriages, sexual addictions, internet security and privacy, and the formation, maintenance, and breakdown of relationships.

Divorce is more than just securing a separation agreement in Ontario; it also entails managing emotions and finances, as well as dealing with issues as different as a business transaction and the best interests of the children. For divorcees who question what normal is and don’t want to be labelled, this journey is forging a new normal. Divorce and separation are fraught with complexities, hidden motivations, and fears.

It’s past time for folks to stand up to the plate and learn what’s involved before deciding to divorce, rather than learning after the fact. Perhaps we can all learn a thing or two about why Family Matters, and therefore reduce the harmful effects of divorce on children, families, and society. Start by listening in to Justice Harvey Brownstone’s Family Matters.

Visit www.familymatterstv.com for more information about this pioneering show.

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