Breaking up, a 5 part series

Nothing is in this world is perfect, and certainly not the legal system.  There are gaps in the system.  The challenge is to work beyond the gaps…….as one family lawyer once told me, the legal system was designed for criminals and, divorce is not a criminal act.  So, given that perspective, I hope you can see why you should try to stay out of court.  Of course, there are always exceptions, and at times, one has no choice but to litigate.

There was a 5 part series in the Toronto Star, investigating some of the issues people are confronted with when dealing with the legal system.  What ever the issues, the bottom line is, there are problems, and that requires reforming the system.

I’ve attached links to the articles which may be of interest to you, my readers.  While you might not agree with everything in these articles, it certainly will make you pause and think………the reality is, divorce is a life changing eventOpens in a new tab., and we need to view this as a process, not a crisis.  And, as I heard a family lawyerOpens in a new tab. so wisely say:

Divorce is a problem to be solved, not a war to be won.

Here are the links to the articles:

Divorced dads can’t catch a break–divorced-dads-can-t-catch-a-break

The good divorce–the-good-divorce

Kids hard hit in nasty divorces–kids-hard-hit-in-nasty-divorces

Grandparents go to court for access to grandkids–grandparents-go-to-court-for-access-to-grandkids

Where separation occurs without anxiety–where-separation-occurs-without-anxiety

Of course, I always like to have the last word and comment.  My published letter to the editor, in response to the article entitled “Divorced dads can’t catch a break”, is below.

What’s the delay on shared custody?

Re: Breaking up: Family courts in crisis, Series

There are gaps in the legal system, leading to both fathers and mothers feeling that they are being treated unfairly. But, the real victims are the children who are losing out on a loving relationshipOpens in a new tab. with both parents, because of their parents’ conflict – who are too consumed with fighting each other, ignoring what’s in their children’s best interest.

Parents need to work together for the sake of the children, not against each other for vengeance, control and destruction of their ex partner.

Deborah Moskovitch, Divorce Consultant, Author, “The Smart Divorce”

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